Page 5 - The Mystery School Code ( Rina Bogart) : Flip It & Read It
P. 5

Because if you’re not initiated, like I will

                                                                                        show you, the power of the key could be

                                                                                        very dangerous.

                                                                                        It has created some of the worst, cult

                                                                                        leaders, dictators and drug addicted

                                                                                        celebrities who used this power for

                                                                                        their own greedy ends.

                          We will be sure that doesn’t happen to you.

                          We will be sure you use this key for the service of mankind which is what it is

                          already doing...

                          Wondering why people say the Illuminati are so powerful?

                          You’re about to  nd out that it’s because they have this key and they’re not

                          letting go of it...

                          I’m trying to stay o  their bad side but they’re watching me very closely, making

                          sure I don’t say too much....

                                         But this is a historical moment.

                          Because for the  rst time in history, a regular gal like me has the key and now

                          the 39-year long learning curve is cut down to 120 seconds.

                          All you need is a pair of working ears

                          and 120 seconds a day for the most

                          relaxing and rejuvenating process you

                          will feel reverberating through your

                          being for hours on end....

                          …that will automatically draw your

                          dreams closer to you in every aspect of

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