Page 10 - The Mystery School Code ( Rina Bogart) : Flip It & Read It
P. 10

So, I ate the stu  like I was in a competition....

                          I had a pregnant belly when I wasn’t
                          pregnant and everyone and I mean

                          everyone seemed to have it better than I

                          So now you’re starting to see the

                          picture. I was a failure at weight loss

                          and a failure at marriage and you’re

                          now going to hear how I also sucked a

                          friendships, self-esteem and

                          money...yup....I checked all the boxes...

                          My girlfriends stopped calling me when they were going out. I guess they got

                          sick of me not picking up the phone.

                          I always had low self-esteem. Got hung up about my jagged teeth since four

                          grade which I could never a ord to get  xed. Never could go out in a bathing


                          So I married down when all my girlfriends were all marrying up...

                          It’s not like my husband is a loser.

                          He just didn’t make much money....

                          He worked for a local credit union. But when he refused to get vaccinated, he was

                          handed his walking papers. He got no warning. He would have reconsidered the

                          matter if they had told him, but they just got rid of him like a bad habit...

                          He’s never been out of work and I was volunteering my spare time as a crisis


                                    I made no money, obviously.
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