Page 15 - The Mystery School Code ( Rina Bogart) : Flip It & Read It
P. 15

Once I had this key, everything around me transformed from the deepest part of

                          myself which was now singing but singing in a way that connected with the

                          clouds in the sky and the butter y on the tree.

                          The whole universe suddenly was like a loving old friend that just couldn't wait to

                          shower me with kisses and all the best life had to o er.

                                            The only word I can use

                                   to describe it is total oneness.

                          And when it happened to me, I understood history like I never had before...

                          I came to realize what made great men great and what made regular men be able

                          to do miracles.

                          Think about it.

                          Moses parted water

                          Jesus walked on water

                          Aristotle was behind the biggest world conquest in history known as the wars

                          of Alexander the Great.

                          Their minds were unlike anyone’s in history before or after.

                          And all these men had something in common. They all studied in the Mystery

                          Schools in Egypt...

                          This is a fact you can verify online easily.

                          Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s home

                          who was the leader of the Mystery

                          School sciences.
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