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P. 11

And now he was making no money...

                          We can’t both be volunteers and pay the bills..

                          So what were we going to do?

                          I started running the numbers...

                          And then I started to panic...

                          I knew our mortgage was $1,200 a month.

                          Food - $500 a month....

                                                                                        Private school - another $1,000 per


                                                                                        How were we going to keep up with

                                                                                        those bills with no income?

                                                                                        Those damned envelopes kept on

                                                                                        coming and they got nastier and

                                                                                        scarier and thicker every time I

                                                                                        checked the mail.

                          For a while I actually stopped checking the mail completely cuz I just couldn’t

                          take that sinking feeling the mail gave me.

                          (Don’t try that at home. I regretted that. No matter how bad it gets, always check your


                          Meanwhile my husband is looking for jobs in the banking industry but no one is


                          We missed one month’s mortgage. Then two months. Then 3 months.

                          We were seriously considering what we’d do if we got kicked out of the house...

                              We’d have to move in with his parents.
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