Page 13 - The Mystery School Code ( Rina Bogart) : Flip It & Read It
P. 13

This sounded crazy enough to


                          Maybe if I just got out, I would see the situation in a new light... I thought...

                          Maybe a trip was just what I needed to get out of this mess and boy was that

                          hope going to come true.

                          But where should I go?

                          I knew I could get excited by anything as long as it’s not here.

                          We talked and drank over it.

                          Maybe we had one glass of wine too

                          many because we settled on an idea

                          most people would think is plain nuts.

                          So even though it seems ridiculous, I

                          promised you the truth. So this is the

                          We would just spin the globe and stopped it with a  nger and whatever country I

                          was pointing at would be the place I would  y, kinda like pin the tail on the

                          donkey without the donkey...

                          We had a globe on our living room table...

                          He said, “this is it, you sure you want to do this?”

                          I said I’m sure...

                          He spun...I closed my eyes....
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