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P. 14

Around and around she goes..

                          I put my  nger out and stopped the globe.

                          I take a look. My  nger landed on southern Egypt...

                          How lucky is that...

                                I had always wanted to go to Egypt...

                          I was so pumped....

                          I started to pack, and I really felt alive for the  rst time in years....

                          If you learn nothing else from this letter, learn this.

                          If you’re in a rut, go travel! You will see everything from a new perspective.

                                                                                        What awaited me in Egypt was

                                                                                        something way beyond what we would

                                                                                        consider normal.

                                                                                        I was about to discover something from a

                                                                                        very secretive group that would blow the

                                                                                        law of attraction out of the water.

                                                                                        I’m talking about the REAL secret to

                                                                                        getting what you want without any

                                                                                        e ort.

                          In fact, your dreams come to YOU on a silver platter.

                          In other words, your dreams chase you. You don’t chase your dreams!

                          And no, it’s not meditation or a rmations or goal setting or positive thinking or

                          aligning your chakras, horoscopes, tarot cards mantras gurus or anything like


                          This was completely di erent and very very new to me while in fact, it was very

                          very old.
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